Factors influencing attitudes to violence against women (Journal article)

Flood Pease, Factors influencing

Attitudes towards men’s violence against women shape both the perpetration of violence against women and responses to this violence by the victim and others around her. For these reasons, attitudes are the target of violence prevention campaigns. In order to improve understanding of the determinants of violence against women and to aid the development of violence prevention efforts, we review the factors which shape attitudes towards violence against women. We offer a framework with which to comprehend the complex array of influences on attitudes towards violent behavior perpetrated by men against women. Two clusters of factors, associated with gender and culture, have an influence at multiple levels of the social order on attitudes regarding violence. Further factors operate at individual, organizational, community, or societal levels in particular, although their influence may overlap across multiple levels. We conclude with recommendations regarding efforts to improve community attitudes towards violence against women. Please see below for the full journal article, in PDF.

Citation: Flood, M., and B. Pease. (2009). Factors Influencing Attitudes to Violence Against Women. Trauma, Violence and Abuse, 10(2): 124-142.