Debate: Is ‘engaging men’ the game changer for gender equality?

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Is ‘engaging men’ the game changer for gender equality? This was the title of the Diversity Council Australia and National Australia Bank Annual Diversity Debate for 2016.

DCA’s Debate was held in Sydney on 8 November. A record crowd of more than 400 CEOs, HR directors and managers, diversity practitioners and business leaders heard lively debate from a panel of high profile speakers. The affirmative side comprised Kate Jenkins, Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission, Stephen Barrow, Executive General Manager, Culture and Capability, at the National Australia Bank, and Pip Marlow, Managing Director of Microsoft Australia. The negative side comprised Dr Michael Flood, researcher at the University of Wollongong, Dr Benjamin Law, TV screenwriter, journalist and newspaper columnist, and Clementine Ford, freelance writer, broadcaster and public speaker. The debate was moderated by one of the ABC's most respected journalists and host of ABC TV’s Q & A, Tony Jones.

Michael Flood’s speech is available here. For further writings and speeches from Michael Flood on engaging men in building gender equality, see e.g.;

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