Matt McCormack Evans

Nearly all mainstream pornography is depicted from a man’s perspective. This may be obvious, as in Point of View (POV) type scenes which are shot as if through the eyes of the male porn performer, or made evident through the fact that the woman (or women) take up most of the picture or screen (they are the ones to be looked at), or even apparent through the kind of sex and sex acts being depicted; Ass To Mouth (the only purpose of which is to grant the male performer and viewers additional pleasure through the degradation of the women involved) is a good example.
During the run up to Christmas and into the New Year, our attention in the UK was brought several times to what worryingly seemed like a recurring story in the press about a man who had just murdered members of his family.

The first version of the story in December took the form of a newly unemployed policeman -Tobias Day- who killed his wife, his six-year-old daughter and seriously injured his two other children before then killing himself.