People who tweet on men and violence prevention, masculinities, and gender

The following is a list of people and organisations who tweet on men and violence prevention or men and masculinities. It includes individuals and organisations, in alphabetical order. I have focused on English-language Twitter accounts. The list includes:

Also see this comprehensive list of organisations and campaigns on men, masculinities, and gender.

Please feel most welcome to send me further suggestions, and I will add them to the list and share the revised list. In fact, if anybody would like to take over this little project, that would be fantastic.

Best wishes,

Michael Flood.


Men, masculinities, and violence prevention - Individuals

Ben Atherton-Zeman @feministben

Laxman Belbase @lbelbase

Humberto Carolo (White Ribbon Canada) @wrc_dop

Raewyn Connell @raewynconnell

Michael Conroy @MenAtWork_MC

Martin Dufresne @martindufresne

Michael Flood @MichaelGLFlood

John Foubert (One In Four) @JohnFoubert

Rus Funk @mensworkinc

Graham Goulden @Graham_Goulden

Mark Greene @RemakingManhood

Jackson Katz @jacksontkatz

Michael Kaufman @KaufmanWrites

Todd Minerson (White Ribbon Canada) @wrc_ed

Rob Okun (Voice Male magazine) @rob_okun

Chris Pascoe @c_j_pascoe

Stray Mutts @StrayMutts

Nikki van der Gaag @NikkivanderGaag

Daphen Watkins @DrDaphneWatkins


Men and masculinities - Individuals

Miriam Abelson @AbelsonDr

Kirsten Barber @k_barberphd

Expel Incels @EXPELincels

David Futrelle @DavidFutrelle

Janelle Goodwill @TrustGoodwill

Jordan Shapiro @jordosh

Man Who Has It All @manwhohasitall

Men and Feminism @mfeminism

Toni @toniwriter

Lisa Wade @lisawade

Andrea Waling @DrAndreaWaling

Jane Ward @thequeerjane

Adia Wingfield @AdiaHWingfield


Men, masculinities, and violence prevention - Organisations

Breakthrough India @INBreakthrough

ECF India @ecfindia

Man Up Campaign @manupcampaign

Men Against Rape and Discrimination (MARD) (India) @MardOfficial

Men Can Stop Rape @mencanstoprape

MenCare Global @MenCareGlobal

MenEngage @MenEngage

Men Stopping Violence @MenStopViolence

Promundo US @Promundo_US

Sonke Gender Justice @SonkeTogether

White Ribbon Australia @WhiteRibbonAust

White Ribbon Canada @whiteribbon

White Ribbon Ireland @whiteribbonirl

White Ribbon UK @menantiviolence


General violence prevention organisations and campaigns

Break the Cycle (USA) @BreaktheCycleDV

EVAW Coalition @EVAWhd

RespectUK @RespectUK

Our Watch (Australia) @OurWatchAus

Futures Without Violence (USA) @WithoutViolence

Gendered Violence Research Network (Australia) @UNSW_GVRN (USA) @NOMOREorg

No To Violence (NTV, Victoria, Australia) @NTVVic


One In Four (USA) @OneinFourUSA

Say NO – UNiTE to End Violence against Women @SayNO_UNiTE

Sexual Violence Research Initiative @TheSVRI


Men and gender campaigns and organisations

In addition to those above, see…

A Call to Men @acalltomen

Countering Backlash @CounterBacklash

HeForShe @HeforShe

Higher Unlearning (US) @HigherUnlearnin

Inside Man (UK) @insideMANmag

Masculinities101 @masculinities01

Men Against MRAs @menagainstmras

Men Care – A Global Fatherhood Campaign @MenCareCampaign

MenCare Global @MenCareGlobal

MenEngage @MenEngage

National Organisation for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) (US) @NOMAS_USCouncil

Next Gen Men @NextGenMen

Promundo US @Promundo_US