Yaari Dosti: Young Men Redefine Masculinity: A Training Manual (2006)

This 110-page training manual is a resource for government and non-government organizations (NGOs) that aim to promote gender equity and address masculinity as a strategy for the prevention of HIV infection. The manual is adapted from a program entitled “Program H: Working with Young Men Series” that was developed in Brazil by Instituto PROMUNDO and was evaluated by the Population Council. It promotes the positive aspects of masculinity, encourages men’s participation in sexual and reproductive health, promotes respect for sexual diversity and improves the understanding of the body and sexuality. In this manual, HIV prevention is addressed within the larger framework of gender roles and relationships.

Several activities are discussed in the manual. The activities are organized around four key themes: (1) gender; (2) sexuality and reproductive health; (3) violence; and (4) HIV and AIDS prevention.