Where Our Boys At? A Toolkit for Involving Young Men in Ending Violence against Girls

In 2006, the Rogers Park Young Womens Action Team (YWAT) launched a campaign to engage young men as allies in addressing violence against girls. The YWAT, a youth-led and adult-supported social change project, conducted a participatory action research project that included the creation of a film called Real Talk (in collaboration with Beyondmedia Education), survey research, and a set of popular education workshops. In addition, the YWAT organized and implemented a two-day train the trainer workshop for fifteen young men ages 14-22 in November 2007.
YWAT has compiled all of its research, resources, curriculum units, and lessons learned into a comprehensive toolkit. The toolkit called Where Our Boys At: Involving Young Men in Gender Violence Prevention will help other organizations and youth-led groups to create their own efforts in their local communities.
Thanks to all of our male allies who were involved in this campaign. In particular, we want to specially thank Ed Mills who we learned so much from and who was just great.
After 8 years together, the YWAT disbanded this summer. This toolkit is the final product of our work. We hope that it is useful to those who want to involve young men in addressing violence against girls and young women.
You can find the Toolkit here: http://www.rogersparkywat.org/engaging-young-men/toolkit/