Three Case Studies: Involving Men to Address Gender Inequities (2003)

IGWG, Involving men to address gender equities - Three case studies 03 - Cover

This 72-page publication by the Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG), highlights three programmes that have engaged men and boys in efforts to improve reproductive health outcomes for both men and women. Though planned and implemented in different geographic regions within different cultural contexts, these programmes share a number of features. All three evolved and developed during the process of implementation and continue to evolve as they continue to work within their respective communities. All three include a sequence of ideas and activities that draw participants into the change process. All three require facilitators of the community process to also be participants and to acknowledge, face and resolve their individual challenges related to the programme. These are participatory processes that involve communities as leaders and participants at the same time - bringing out linkages between individual behaviour and community norms.

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