Request for Proposal: Movement Building through the Engagement of Men and Boys to End Sexual Exploitation

The US organisation Demand Abolition is circulating a request for proposals to address men’s and boys’ demand for commercial sex.

The text of Demand Abolition’s invitation is as follows. Please also see the two attachments.

Request for Proposal: Movement Building through the Engagement of Men and Boys to End Sexual Exploitation.

Demand Abolition believes an inherent human right is that no person should be bought, yet we see human trafficking and prostitution burgeoning nationally. We know if there were no sex buyers, there’d be no business, and so we’re committed to a multi-year, multi-stakeholder approach to reduce the demand for illegal commercial sex in the US by 50 percent by 2022.

We’re spearheading a national movement to support demand reduction initiatives, and understand the importance of cultivating a national coalition of male allies to eliminate this systematic abuse. As such, we’re collecting proposals from individuals and organizations who are willing to create and develop a “proof of concept” for an untested method reducing demand. Our ultimate goal is to implore men to use their power as influencers to stop and deter buyers from purchasing, as well as evolve cultural attitudes about sex buying.

You have been targeted as an individual/ organization who has an undeniable passion and professional experience in either: ending sexual exploitation, eradicating the demand for illegal commercial sex, and/or understanding the complexities of healthy masculinities. We hope this opportunity can spark new and creative ideas that will eventually be replicated across the country.

Attached is a template for proposals, which will remain open for submission until Friday, July 31, 2015. We intend to award funding to selected proposals on Friday, August 14, 2015. Please note, this invitation is non-transferrable and submissions will only be accepted from those who are invited to participate. Feel free to reach out directly with any clarifying questions or concerns.

Thank you again and I look forward to the forthcoming proposals!


Dhakir Warren

Senior Manager, Social Innovation

Hunt Alternatives | Cambridge, MA

Office: 617.995.1939 | fax: 617.995.1904

@Demand Abolition