New book, Facing Patriarchy

Pease, Facing Patriarchy 2019 - Cover

Facing Patriarchy challenges current thinking about men’s violence against women. Drawing upon radical and intersectional feminist theory and critical masculinity studies, the book locates men’s violence within the structures and processes of patriarchy. Addressing the limitations of current violence prevention policies, Pease argues that a nuanced conceptualisation of patriarchy - that accounts for a variety of patriarchal structures, intersections with other forms of inequality, patriarchal ideologies, men’s peer group relations, men’s sexist practices and the construction of patriarchal subjectivities - is required to understand the links between gender and men’s violence against women.

Pease shows that men’s violence against women needs to be understood in the context of other forms of men’s violence, including violence against boys and other men, in the involvement of men in wars and conflicts between nations and men’s ecologically destructive practices. With crucial implications for priorities in violence prevention, gender equality promotion and in strategies for engaging men in this work, Facing Patriarchy offers new hope for the elimination of men’s violence.

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Discussion and Reading Groups

People interested in discussing Facing Patriarchy are encouraged to form discussion and reading groups. Bob Pease has developed reading group guidelines and discussion questions for people interested in exploring the book over a series of meetings. Please download them here.