Men as Partners Programme: Promising Practices Guide (unpublished, 2005)

This Promising Practices Guide identifies and discusses key lessons that have been learned from the implementation of the Men as Partners (MAP) programme in South Africa.  These lessons on promising practices have been drawn from the work of the MAP programme partners, including Planned Parenthood Association of South Africa (PPASA), Hope Worldwide, the AIDS Consortium and their affiliates, as well as the Solidarity Centre and their trade union partners.

EngenderHealth has supported and coordinated this network of MAP programme partners in not only implementing MAP activities but also in documenting and reflecting on their work.  The Promising Practices guide is the product of this documentation and reflection.  Its content is based on interviews with the staff, volunteers and beneficiaries of the MAP programme partners, which were conducted by EngenderHealth consultant Alan Greig in September 2004.  These interviews worked from and built off the programme partners’ own documentation of their work (including project logs, event reports, media news coverage, photographs) as well as information from the programme monitoring system.  Material from these sources has been synthesised with the observations and recommendations from a series of reports on the MAP programme, produced over the last two years by EngenderHealth’s South Africa Programme Manager, Dean Peacock.

In identifying and discussing a set of lessons about promising practices in work with men on gender equality, HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence, this guide aims to:

  • Improve work with men on issues of sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence and gender equality;
  • Expand this work, through inspiring and informing other organisations and groups in developing their own programmes with men on these issues; and
  • Enhance the national dialog among all sectors and stakeholders in South Africa concerning the roles and responsibilities of men in addressing issues of sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence and gender equality.

The Promising Practices Guide includes a description of principles and practices, practical tools and tips, lessons learned, and case study examples drawn from the MAP work of programme partners.  This content is organised into 12 thematic sections.  The guide is intended as a flexible resource, whose presentation of material in 12 stand-alone thematic sections enables ready access to relevant information.

Note that this document remains unpublished.

Citation: Greig, Alan, and Dean Peacock. (2005). Men as Partners Programme: Promising Practices Guide. EngenderHealth (Draft only).