International comparison of policies on masculinities

This new report focuses on the need to make men visible as a target of public policy that aims to prevent and eradicate violence against women and to develop projects that promote alternative non-violent masculinities.

The study "International Comparison of Politics on Masculinities" has been promoted and funded by the Government Delegation Against Gender Violence and carried out by the Cepaim Foundation.

The general aim of the study has been to identify success stories and gather proposals enabling the design of public policies suitable for the Spanish context. More specifically, this study has aimed to:

  • Deepen studies of the existing correlation between models of masculinity and violence against women.
  • Make successful models available as well as identifying possible obstacles when implementing these programmes.
  • Carry out an analysis of the international normative framework with a view to learning about the recommendations of international bodies for the introduction of equality policies aimed at engaging men in preventing and counteracting gender violence.
  • Present a situational analysis of the relationship between public policies on equality and those addressing men.
  • Analyse the place of men in equality policies to date in Spain.
  • Revise existing programmes and policies on masculinities developed on international and national levels, preferably by Public Administrations.
  • Identify the priority arenas and themes for intervention in the field of prevention of violence with men.
  • Present recommendations for the development of programmes and policies for alternative masculinities in the Spanish context.
  • Put forward the principal debates around the issue and discern future areas for research.

See the summary of the report in English and in Spanish.

See the full report in Spanish.