hey brother (a song)

how does it feel to be the one
who let’s yourself down?
how does it feel--
the sorrow?

i heard a cry one night
i thought it came from far away.
i heard a cry one night
it came from deep inside myself.
i tried to make it seem like everything was all right.
i pretend i’m all right when i’m hurting deep inside.

what would it feel like if we let go of all the pain we feel?
what would it feel like to cry again?
if i need support from someone, i want to come to you.
can we try to feel love again?

hey brother,
can you tell me where the pain is?
‘cause i want to be there in finding it.
hey brother
what do you feel when you don’t say a thing?
‘cause i’m dying to know if you feel what i feel.