Guy Code 101: Misogyny, Violence and the Men’s Movement

Recently my attention was drawn to a website entitled ‘It’s Guy Code: The Official Etiquette of Men’. The website can be visited at this address: however you should be warned that a lot of the content on this site is rather confronting to say the least.

What is Guy Code?

If you are wondering what Guy Code is, the website offers the following insight:
 Guy Code is the unwritten and written code that all guys must follow in order to be a man . . . Guy Code is both the overt and covert ritual of the spiritual, mental, free, and physical pursuit of the female sex or anything having to do with victory. Guy Code is the means used to obtain power, dignity, honor, accomplishment, and the conquest of life heavily revolved around the female sex.
So, who are these Guy Code supporters and followers? The website informs us that they are:
 . . . a group of men dedicated to preserving masculinity in a society trying to be pimped by feminism and we are winning triumphantly.
We are told that the Guy Code movement was inspired by the Hollywood movie, Old School:
 A simple line in the famous movie Old School triggered us to start the movement. Guy Code had finally hit the mainstream perpetuated by Hollywood and we could wait no longer. It opened our eyes to a new horizon of thought that must be preserved and shared with all men who practice Guy Code both consciously and unconsciously. LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS!

Guy Code Terminology

To become a Guy Coder, you must learn the terminology ( Some of the terms you will need to be familiar with include:
Cum Guzzle Me Jr: The younger sister of a girl who also sucks a lot of dick.
Cumdumpster: A high-capacity sperm receptacle; A woman whose mouth is used by several men as a trash can for cum (sperm); A woman with a slut reputation, as well as a good cocksucker reputation.
Cunt hunt: To be on the prowl for pussy; To try to hook up with a chick before the night is over and by hook up that means to bang the aunt Jamima snot out of her.
Feminist: A bitch who does not like sex.
Fran-chised: To be totally owned, dominated and humiliated; To be bought out and syndicatedly owned and distributed for all to see at your expense.
Fuck it and chuck it: to bang a girl and then get rid of her faster than the bunny suit your aunt gave you for Christmas when you were 7 years old; Throw chick on your bed and throw her out when you have climaxed in her, on her, etc.
 Hos Fo Sho: Gauranteed ass; Girls that are obviously whores.
 Jailbait: A deceivingly hot girl who is underage and not available for sex. If you tried to have sex with her it would send you to jail; A sexual risk well worth prison time

 It is worth noting here that Guy Code advises: ‘If there’s grass on the field, play ball!’
Guy Code terminology continues with the following definitions describing acts of violence against women:
Jelly Donut: When a girl or guy (for all you fags out there) gets cum in the face & then is punched in the nose or lip to mix cum & blood to make pink pearl jam. While receiving oral sex, when a guy is about to come, he shoots the jizz in his partner's eye, and then punches her eye so that it swells up and shuts with the blood and nut trapped inside. The swollen eye with the mixture inside is similar to a jelly donut.
Riding the Bull: When you go out to a club, bar, or college party and pick out a fat chick to have sex with the intent of hitting it doggie style. Then you call her a fat pig and when she trys to buck you off you hold on for dear life. Hence riding the bull.

Whilst to the ‘average’ man or woman, these terms would most certainly have highlighted the misogynistic attitudes of the website’s authors, but in case you need further clarification of how a Guy Coder views women, the following definitions are offered:
Skank tank:  a female vessel containing dirty deeds of whorishly filthy sex; a vehicle of pure sex built solely for the purpose of sex.
Woman: Constructions of flesh made to give pleasure to men and their penis

‘How to Bang a Chick While They’re Vulnerable’

What can males learn from Guy Code? Well, they can learn the most successful hook up methods ( One of these is how to ‘Bang A Chick While They’re Vulnerable’.
Here men are instructed to imagine themselves as a hyena seeking the easiest way to find a quick meal by going after a sick wilderbeest (i.e. a vulnerable female). The website also celebrates men who abuse their positions of power:
Do you know why therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists always get laid? Because they bang their patients while they are vulnerable that’s why . . . The best part is you don’t have to be a therapist in order to do this!

‘How to Smack a Bitch’

Even more disturbingly, however, Matt Stone (one of the website’s contributors) recently posted an article entitled ‘How to Smack a Bitch’ ( which details his ‘education’ in ‘bitch smacking’, beginning in public school where he says he was educated by a sports coach in the art of using a ‘heavy hand’ on women who are ‘unstable, belligerent or argumentative’ and therefore in need of being ‘put back in line’.
Stone says that during his college years - spent majoring in sociology and being further educated in the art of ‘bitch smacking’ – he assaulted a girlfriend after she became ‘a complete spaz about her grades’ and threw his calculator against a wall. He details the incident as follows:
I without thinking reared my hand back and delivered un to her the second shot heard around the world across her face. She collapsed on the floor and just laid there. I then stepped over her and pulled her toward me and said, ‘Calm the fuck down and relax!’ She got up and sat on the couch and said nothing for an hour. I realized Coach Miller was a genius as those men before him who instructed the same lesson.
Stone claims that after this incident he researched and wrote a paper on male rituals, with a focus on the ‘bitch slap’, and found that suburban schools in America ‘had a range of moderate techniques of bitch slapping’. The article then goes on to detail various kinds of ‘bitch slapping’ with increasing violence (The Classic Bitch Slap, The Pimp Slap, The Johnny Wad Slap, The Where’s My Dinner Bitch Slap, The Dun Told Her Twice Slap, The Open Hand Slap, The Forearm Ticonderoga Slap, The Scientology Slap, The Red Eye Gravy Slap, and the Bitch You Gave Me Herpes Slap). Each of the descriptions (which I will not include here as I do not want to re-publish a step-by-step guide on how to assault a woman) include a guide on how to carry out the violence as well as a photo of what the results are likely to look like.
With the ‘Pimp Slap’, Stone says that a man can ‘get his point across and no one even notices it’, whilst the ‘Johnny Wad Slap’ is ‘for those guys who are not pleased sexually in bed’. Stone claims the ‘Where’s My Dinner Bitch Slap’ is the ‘most common form of physical discipline used against women’, and advises that little force is needed as the ‘psychological effect is quite devastating’. With the ‘Dun Told Her Twice Slap’ (which Stone claims will rarely have to be used a second time as ‘it’s that effective’) the violence must be administered ‘with great strength’ for it to be ‘successful’. He advocates use of the ‘Open Hand Slap’ - used by professional wrestlers - in situations where a woman has become disobedient and ‘forgotten’ previous incidents of violence. Stone includes a link to footage of this type of violence being used in professional wrestling. The most disturbing image is of the ‘Red Eye Gravy Slap’, a photo of a young female who looks to have been seriously assaulted. More than a slap, Stone describes it as a ‘closed fist’ assault and one that will result in the victim being reminded of her ‘insolence’ everywhere she goes. For the ‘Bitch You Gave Me Herpes Slap’, Stone says that the victim is unlikely to report the violence to police as she will be too embarrassed to discuss her medical history. Thus, for perpetrators, Stone claims that this form of violence is ‘almost like a free pass’.
The detail in which Stone goes into to describe how to enact such violence against women is extremely disturbing and the accompanying photos only add to the shocking tone of the article. Whilst some men (and women) who come across this kind of material are likely to be highly offended by it, others will simply laugh it off and defend it as light-hearted and ‘satirical’. If the article is interpreted as comedic, we need to be asking ourselves how on earth we have come to a point where such overt step-by-step guidance on how to commit violence against women could possibly be considered humorous.

Young Guy Coders

Most disturbingly though are potentially young viewers/readers, who are referred to on the website as ‘young guy coders’ – young males who are ‘successfully’ embodying and displaying sexist and violent attitudes and behaviours towards women (there is a photo gallery on the website). The website celebrates the passing down of such attitudes and behaviours to future generations: Stone encapsulates this in his response to criticism of his article: ‘I learned from my father, the way he learned from his father and [I] will teach my son’. And so this misogyny and violence is set to continue if we choose to do nothing about it . . . For those who choose not to sit back and let these hateful and violent messages continue, you can sign a petition to shut down the website through