Film: A New Kind of Strength: The Men’s Movement to End Domestic Violence

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the completion of the film A New Kind of Strength, located at the website The Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention collaborated with Astraea Productions, Markay Media and Shelter From the Storm Productions to capture the efforts made by men across the country to draw attention to the vital role men play in ending violence against women.

For decades, women have organized community-based programs to respond to domestic and sexual violence victims and survivors. Over the last twenty years, more and more men have begun to recognize the critically important role they play in stopping the violence and reinterpreting what it means to be a man of strength and integrity in America.

A New Kind of Strength weaves together a historical perspective combined with voices and experiences of men who have personally witnessed violence against women, like former New York Yankees Manager Joe Torre and former Nashville-Metro Police Department Lieutenant Mark Wynn. And it includes the voices of men who have stepped forward to address this hidden crime and remind us what we all lose when we allow violence against women to continue.

A New Kind of Strength is a short, 14 minute documentary that is perfectly poised to be used in trainings and community awareness opportunities. We ask those who are interested in the film to first answer a few questions so we can have a sense of who is using the film and for what purpose. After the questions are answered, the film is free!

We are very pleased to be able to offer this film to the public and hope you will use it and also share this information with your colleagues.

We are committed to creating a true sense of collaboration and respect for and between women and men with A New Kind of Strength. We hope you find this film useful in your respective communities.

In peace,

Cindy Waitt

Alan Heisterkamp

Kit Gruelle