"Claire", Charmyne Palavi, and Football Gang Rapes

After a woman who, fearing for her safety, called herself “Claire,” revealed the disgusting details of a gang rape that was allegedly perpetrated against her by an Australian football team, 100,000 people responded in support of the man who, according to her testimony, orchestrated the gang rape against her. Charmyne Palavi, who also went on TV to reveal the reality of the football gang rape scene, was denounced on the Internet as a “lying head case,” and hateful messages were written toward her both by women and by men. “Claire,” Charmyne, and everyone else who has experienced this and similar crimes: This is for you. In an Internet discussion, an Australian man referred to Muslim men who gang rape young women in Sydney as “imported Muslim scum.” While that is indeed a fitting description of those people, I pose a question. Why is not the same epithet – minus the imported Muslim part - being applied to Australians who do the exact same thing to Australian women and teenage girls? The people who are behind the “lying head case” statements are clearly abusers and liars. They are seeking to discredit and beat down the person who is coming forth to tell the truth. Telling the truth is a part of character and a part of integrity. So then why would the people who claim to have character and integrity be against it? There is a single reason for it. They have neither of the preceding. To women who have been joining in the attack on Charmyne and on “Claire”: Perhaps you deserve to go through what “Claire” had gone through. You would inflict it upon your fellow woman, so then why should it not be you that is being gang raped? This woman is somebody’s daughter, as well as a human being. As a man, and a father, I say quite clearly that if anyone did anything like this to my daughter, I will not rest until they all are in jail. Now there are many football types who think that they’re real men who deserve to do this to women, and there are many women who think that they are real powerful men who will protect them and give them status and power. I pose this question. What are they up against a nuclear bomb? The French, whom they see as cowards; the Chinese, whom they see as blockheads; the Russians, whom they see as losers; the Americans, whom they see as conmen; and even a tiny nation like Israel; has enough real power to wipe them off the face of the Earth. The Taliban in Afghanistan, who believed that a man who does not beat his wife “does not have a penis,” thought they were real men as well, and for the same reasons. They did not last very long against real power. And it is only the nobility, the self-restraint, and self-discipline, of those who have real power – the self-restraint and self-discipline which history shows repeatedly to be the necessary component of real power - that allow thugs like the Taliban, the military dictators, the “imported Muslim” as well as Australian football gang rapists, to get away with thinking that they are kings. This laissez-faire attitude on the part of real power allows for creation and perpetuation of all kinds of hideousness and absurdity. Petty despots, criminal organizations, terrrorist groups, paramilitaries, thugs, and all kinds of barbarians, then start claiming that they are the real men, or the genuine article, or the true culture of the places that they infest and use this usurpation to commit horrendous violations against the people whom they are claiming to represent. Gangsters start thinking that they are the true black people; militias start thinking that they are true Americans; Taliban starts thinking that they are true Middle East; and groups like the Black Shirts and the football gang rapists start thinking that they are the true Australian men. All of these are wrong. They are not the truth of the people they claim to speak for, they are the worst and the ugliest in the people they claim to speak for. And it is time that the people for whom they claim to speak stop letting them get away with this usurpation of their authority. There are far better men in Australia than Black Shirts or gang rapists, just as there are far better black people than gangsters, far better Americans than militiamen, and far better Middle Eastern people than Taliban; and it is time that these better men in Australia start to speak as true men of Australia and put these degenerates in their place. The people – and I use the term loosely - who think that it is part of manhood to brutally gang-rape teenage girls and young women – or to beat their wives, or to molest their daughters, or to assault women who've left men who beat them and molested their children - are not real men that they claim to be. What they are, is swine. And like swine flue has become a global pandemic, so are these swine the leading cause of death and disability in Australian women. It is time that better men speak for Australian manhood and put a stop to this vile affliction that is eating away at the soul of this beautiful country and the better people, both women and men, who live in it.