CFP: Symposium, "Men, masculinities and other gender performances", Brazil, July 30 to August 04

The 13th Women’s Worlds (WW) Congress — an international and interdisciplinary gathering of and about women — will take place with Fazendo Gênero 11 (Doing Gender) from July 30 to August 04, 2017 in Florianópolis, Brazil, in Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC).

The leading topic of the meeting is "Transformations, Connections, and Movements". With this topic, we want to extend the place of dialogue to a global perspective, away from the North-South hierarchy; in other words, a place where other voices and new proposals can be heard, knowledge can be valued, and horizons of study and activism can be extended. As such, we will be capable of conceiving and proposing inclusive perspectives for feminist studies including possibilities for feminist construction.

This will be a unique opportunity of bringing together experiences, researches, and voices around the world about women and gender issues. This will be the first time the WW Conference will be hosted in South America.

Don’t miss this convergence of academia and activism, where a diversity of minds and experiences will delve into some of the most pressing issues of our time.

There is a specific Symposium about "Men, masculinities and other gender performances", coordinated by Benedito Medrado (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco) and Marcos Nascimento (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz)

Abstract: This symposium aims to discourse about the diversity of studies about men and masculinities in the field of gender and feminist studies in Latin America, gathering reports about researches and other political practices at the interface between academic research and activism. This proposal is based on the recognition that this particular field of study and intervention begins especially in the second half of the 1980s, in the context of the historical achievements of feminist and LGBT movements. These movements required readings beyond the sex-gender dichotomy and a heteronormative perspective, focusing practices, subjects and particular aspects: paternity and care, gender violence, comprehensive health care and sexual diversity. This multiple and diverse field has hosted productions that adopt different focuses that include: 1) the social organization of masculinity in their "inscriptions and reproductions" local and global; 2) understanding of how the subjects, identified at birth as men, understand and express identities, performances or gender positioning; 3) masculinities as a product of social interactions, or masculinities as expressions of relational dimension of gender (pointing expressions, challenges and inequalities); 4) the institutional dimension of masculinities, ie how masculinities are built (and) relations and institutional devices. The national and international political scenario spells setbacks in the symbolic and institutional field, marked by conservatism and chauvinist and heteropatriarcais expressions. We will try to generate theoretical discussions, epistemological, political, ethical and methodological, from presentations of initiatives that seek ally debates to know various fields, such as psychology, anthropology, sociology and Health Sciences, Communication, Social Services, among others. We postulate the need for places of exchange and critical systematization of the debate about men (cis or trans) and masculinities (in its various dimensions and expressions of power) in the public and private issues, in order to consolidate this field of production from the rescue of historical trajectories and the identification of other / new subjects (young parents, men who have used violence, trans masculinities, for example), challenges, shifts, impasses and perspectives. We welcome texts in Portuguese or Spanish.

Keywords: feminism, masculinities, transmasculinities, fatherhood, sexuality

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