CFP: Sexual violence against men and boys in conflict

Call for papers: Sexual violence against men and boys in conflict - Reflections from theorists, practitioners and activists.
Editors: Marysia Zalewski, Paula Drumond, Elisabeth Prügl and Maria Stern.
This collection will cover a number of issues and approaches (empirical, conceptual, theoretical and critical) and we are currently looking to complete the wide range of chapters. The editors are interested in hearing about any potential contributions (of around 6000 words), though of particular interest are contributions on - ‘Visual Imagery’, ‘Popular Culture’, Masculinity and Human Nature’, ‘Biology and Sexual Violence’, ‘Critical Historical Overview of Sexual Violence against Men and Boys’ and ‘Critical Policy and Legal Approaches’.
If you are interested or have any questions, please email Marysia Zalewski at and Paula Drumond at: Submissions are due 4 May 2015. [Source: The Graduate Institute Geneva:]