CFP: Future Perspectives on Masculinities: «Walk like a man, die like a man?» Teaching Gender beyond gendered stereotypes

Call for Papers: Future Perspectives on Masculinities: «Walk like a man, die like a man?» Teaching Gender beyond gendered stereotypes

For: AtGender Teaching with Gender Book Series Volume 15, Routledge publication 2019

Editors: Sveva Magaraggia (University of Milano-Bicocca), Gerlinde Mauerer (University of Vienna) and Marianne Schmidbaur (Goethe-University Frankfurt a. M.)

The editors invite contributions that explore and advance developments in theories and practices of teaching that focus on democratic, non-hegemonic masculinities and their everyday practices. We ask how processes of unmasking masculinities and teaching democratic ways of becoming a boy/man can be investigated as individual and societal challenges. Furthermore, the planned volume focusses on burdens and delights of being a “beta” man: in gender research and theory, in studying men and masculinities, and empirical explorations in teaching on men and masculinities. The AtGender Teaching with Gender book “Future Perspectives on Masculinities: «Walk like a man, die like a man?» Teaching Gender beyond gendered stereotypes” encourages critical assessments of binary codes, such as “good and bad guys” or “machos and softies”, and other key issues based on theoretical approaches in Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities. Enhanced by a theoretical and empirical set of tools, men, masculinities and transformations of gender relations are the overall fields of enquiry. Exploring feminist pedagogy and the teaching of non-hegemonic masculinities in a broad range of educational settings are the main objectives of this book.
Taking an intersectional approach, the book brings together perspectives that highlight positive public role models of masculinities and seeks to extend its scope including queer theory. The overall question that shall be addressed is: how can we teach these topics in different contexts.
This volume focusses on a wide range of different issues, which could include, but are not limited to:
* Basics – introducing state of the art; key texts; key issues; overviews;
* In depth topics – reflecting changing gender orders and gender regimes; parenting, public-private relations; gendered division of labor; hegemonic masculinities, male domination, transnational masculinities; transgender; masculinities and religions; decentering masculinities; heroes and wimps;
* Field work – exploring men and masculinities issues; approaches, procedures, methods in the classroom;
* Dealing with differences – feeling powerful and/or helpless; discussing masculinities in “male” or “female” dominated groups; loving, hating, admiring, envying;
* Everyday practices / Activism – doing change; pro-feminist antiviolence movements; confronting anti-feminist populism; teaching democratic ways of being a man; interventions to stop sexism.
The planned volume addresses university students, researchers, activists, teachers and an interested public in adult education. Different formats of contributions are welcome: essays, interviews, teaching resources, and others. The editors welcome proposals for chapters from different European regions. Abstracts should be 500 words maximum excluding references. Full chapters will be 6000 words.
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Deadline for receiving proposals: 30.11.2017. Please submit a 500 word abstract and a short biography to: info[at] Deadline for full papers will be: 01.07.2018.
Notifications of acceptance and further information: 15.12.2017