Call For Papers: Motherhood/Fatherhood and Popular Culture (San Diego, CA, April 2017)

Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCA/ACA) National Conference: San Diego, CA, April 12-15, 2017

I am looking for papers for multiple panels for the PCA/ACA Motherhood/Fatherhood Area on any aspect of motherhood and or fatherhood in popular culture.

Possible topics to consider include, but are not limited to, the following:
-TV shows, including talk shows, family dramas, sitcoms, and animation -print and electronic journalism and gossip rags; magazines -celebrity culture -the internet and digital technologies -advertising and marketing -visual art including photography, scrapbooking, mixed media -film; performance; music -graphic fiction/memoir -best-selling literatures including mommy lit, momoirs, dadoirs, and dadlit -pregnancy manuals and “expert” parenting guides/literature -fashion -politics -reproductive technologies -law and policy; maternal and paternal activism/organizations

For information on the PCA/ACA, please see: Abstracts (200-250 words) will be accepted on a continuing basis up to October 1, 2016. Abstracts must be submitted online at:

Please send any inquiries to the Area Chair:
Liz Podnieks, Professor
Department of English and
Graduate Studies in Communication and Culture Ryerson University, Toronto