Call for Papers: Masculinities: Trans/forming Men: Changes, Resiliences and Reconfigurations (Journal special issue)

Call for articles for the issue “Masculinities: Trans/forming Men: Changes, Resiliences and Reconfigurations” of AG About Gender, International Journal of Gender Studies. Edited by: Krizia Nardini (Universitat Obierta de Catalunya) and Stefano Ciccone (Università di Genova).
Scholarship on masculinities is now reaching more than three decades of research on men’s practices and imaginaries. In this journey, current productions in critical studies of men and within men’s antisexist activism offer different dialogues with feminist activisms and academic positionings. Deconstructing the symbolic location of normative masculinity, as the model of hegemonic subject of western modernity, is relevant in order to understand current changes when it comes to nationhood, neoliberal citizenship and political subjectivity. We are interested in the interactions between material-discursive processes, looking at the relations between subjectivity, corporeality and sexuality, with the aim of understanding social change, resiliences and reconfigurations. The papers (between 5000-8000 words) must be written in Italian or English. Deadline for submission of papers is October 15, 2016. For more information, see: