Building male involvement in sexual and reproductive health and rights

Pascoe, Building male involvement in SRHR.jpeg
What are the best practices to promote men’s involvement in SRH while simultaneously promoting gender equality? This report argues that engaging men in SRH and gender equality can lead to better SRH outcomes for men and women, and prevent reinforcing male power over reproductive and sexual decision-making. A conceptual model that can be used for programming, monitoring and evaluation to engage men in SRH and gender equality including men as clients, partners and agents of positive change is provided. The authors provide development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and documentation guidelines to effectively adapt this model to one’s local context, which include the questions that should be asked, the solutions necessary, the types of actions that should be prioritised, and scenarios following the various levels of male involvement among individuals, groups and communities. The report also provides a range of activities that an organisation could use to engage men in SRH along components of the model, as well as who and what resources are needed to do so. Citation: Pascoe, L. Herstad, M. Shand, T. and van den Heever, L. (2012) Building male involvement in SRHR: A basic model for male involvement in sexual and reproductive health and rights, Cape Town: Sonke Gender Justice Network Please see below for the full report.