Open letter to US Senators from the The North America MenEngage Network (NAMEN)

Feminist and profeminist activists have been protesting against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. The North America MenEngage Network (NAMEN) has circulated a letter to US Senators urging them not to vote for Kavanaugh. The letter reads in part,

"This has to change. This is too common. One in three women are abused by men in their lifetime. The senate needs to provide a message to boys and men in America that this behavior will no longer be tolerated. The primary question becomes… do we care about women’s lives? This is a moment in history where that answer can be a profound YES!”

“Judge Kavanaugh’s presentation to the Judicial Committee is identical to behaviors and strategies of offenders who routinely deny their behaviors while presenting themselves as victims of those they have abused. […] His behavior demonstrates a willingness to bully, dismiss, and intimidate those who disagree with him; an appalling premise of entitlement that grounds his beliefs and actions […]”

Please see the full letter attached below.