The "Karen" meme: feminist critiques

The “Karen” insult is increasingly common in popular culture, and has been subject to some feminist critique.

Helen Lewis argues that the 'Karen' meme has its origins in both concerns about racist behaviour by white women *and* standard sexist criticism of women as too loud and demanding. It illustrates the complexities of white women as both oppressed and privileged.

Sarah Ditum notes the sly sexism of the OK Karen meme. It isn't just a bit of fun aimed at entitled women: it's the new "pipe down, love".

Phoebe Maltz Bovy examines the Karen Meme and the Death of ‘Lean In’ Feminism. She argues that “Karen” addresses one set of ills while reinforcing another. Women’s fuss-making should not be further stigmatised.

Hadley Freeman notes that the 'Karen' meme is everywhere – and it has become mired in sexism.