"When Men Cry Unrape", or "The Men Commandments", or "Why Zed has No Cred"

This piece is in response to the ridiculous antifeminist tactics of Men's Wrongs Activists posting misinformation about radical feminists, often quotes either taken out of context, published as non-fiction when from novels, or putting forth things radical feminists never said in the first place. It's done all the damn time. I wish more men would correct this CRAP when they find it online and offline. The post is here. A copy of a portion of it follows below. In Egypt, the Jews--who were never white--were slaves, and then they got away. Some time post-slavery, they wrote stuff. One of the things they wrote, in Hebrew, was what has come to be termed "The Ten Commandments" and most USers believe that Charlton Heston was the person who received the Word of G-d, which was not chiseled by human hand, but rather by the power of G-d's breath. Different religions since then have appropriated, contorted, distorted, and retorted these commandments, each denomination believing "we got it right". How odd it is to me that Christians make this claim most vehemently. Hey Christian doods: you weren't fucking there, okay? You didn't exist yet. So please get that. Never mind: Various groups of men, in various eras and regions, have been the most authoritative authorities on all things authored. Currently, that status, that power, belongs to economically privileged and "educated" white het men. The rest of us, apparently, are prone to lie through our teeth, "falsely" accusing said men of all manner of atrocities: genocide, rape, incest, child molestation, sexual slavery, battery, illegal warfare, wage slavery, corporate corruption and crime, financial distress, poverty, unsustainable societies, and ecocide, to name a few. White men have admitted as much. You need only read the work of John Perkins to know how much from that list is done for the benefit of white men as a political group that refuses to be identified as such unless the doods are White Nationalists. Other than the neo-Nazis and KKKlans-men, most white doods claim they are "just individuals", nothing more. Uh-huh. These ten commandments are actually derived from different sections of the Old (pssst: Jewish) Testament. Testament and Testicle have the same root. But the root means "three" or "a witness", as in needing a third party present to serve as a witness. It is said that a man's testicles are a witness to his masculinity. As if they are eyes. Patriarchal religions have tried to curb the worst of socialised male supremacist behavior--that feminists claim is not natural at all--against all the protest by men that men cant' help what we do: our DNA, our hormones, our ancestry, our evolution, our divine right, our nature is to rape women, among other atrocious things. Men believe this, not feminists who write about rape. Religion has worked for some men in this regard. I know one or two white het guys who used to think of and treat women as things, but having found a named Male G-d, they now think it is wrong to do so. See, men will only listen to men. So the god has to be a dood because "Doods have authority". Doods rule, but not in an awesome way. Women write, and men lie about what women write. When men do this, the boys false claims becomes The Truth. Before exemplifying this process, let's consider the Men Commandments: patriarchal rules by which all men are supposed to abide. Men abide men. Men don't abide women, and if they do, there is a chorus of men at the ready to call her "a castrating b*tch", and him "p*ssy-whipped". Men are instructed by pimping pornographers to use their penises as whips in pornography, to smack women's faces in order to humiliate then, prior to the humiliation of men cumming on women's faces. Some men make this material for many men to consume. Please remember this. That more and more women are also consuming this material only means the pimps are good at marketing, the way Coca Cola is good at selling a beverage that no one needs but many desire. In Western pseudo-secular, pseudo-scientific, pseudo-religous society, men proclaim their rules in pornography and in practices outside of that multi-billion dollar a year industry--which makes a few white male pimps and CEOs very rich, at the expense of all the women who must wipe the cum off their faces, and hopefully heal from the pummeling of men's penises into their orifices. In society and in pornography, these patriarchal rules might be listed as follows. "The Men Commandments" 1. 'You shall have no other gods before Men' (other than men) : if you disobey him, he may beat you mercilessly. 2. 'Women shall have no other gods other than men and mythic male gods': if a woman makes a non-male G-d her authority, not a human man, she may be committed to a psychiatric hospital. 3. 'Men shall not worship an idol, American or otherwise': if men worship humans over a male G-d, there will be hell to pay. Supposedly. But men do worship men, and gods composed in their image. Men claim to worship women, often in the contrition phase of battering and terrorising them. 4. 'Men shall not take the name of the Lord [not Audre Lorde] thy God in vain', except when stubbing one's toe. Or whenever one feels like it. 5. 'Remember the Sabbath [not Black Sabbath] and keep it holy': and by "holy" we mean drinking beer, watching football, and ordering in of pizza. (Note: Thou shalt tip well.) 6. 'Honor thy father and thy mother.' Well, honoring the father is sufficient, even though he did some really fucked up shit while you were growing up, like raping you, your sister, or your mom. 7. 'Men shall not murder'. This applies to any man not murdering a more statused man. If "thou" is a poor white guy, thou shall not murder a rich white guy. (If thou is a woman, thou shall not murder any man.) Men can murder anyone who have less social privileges and status than they do. Female and trans prostitutes, for example, may be murdered without concern for negative consequences. White men can kill Black men and Black women.You can murder anyone who is structurally beneath you without much concern. That'll be called "necessary collateral damage". But if you murder up the hierarchies, you're in big trouble. That'll be called terrorism. 8. 'Men shall not commit adultery' so often as to grab media attention or pass an STD on to their female spouse. Wait. Men can do the latter. Wait, men can do the former too. It's all good. Men can fuck over women in their lives however they wish, and get away with it. 9. 'Men shall not steal'. There are many exceptions, if the men are white, including the land of Indigenous people; "natural resources" from anywhere in the world; the cultural artifacts of societies and nations living or dead; the sexuality of children; the sense that the home is a safe place. Men can take all of those without asking, and more. 10. 'Men shall not bear false witness against his neighbor; Men shall not covet his neighbor's wife; Men shall not covet anything that belongs to his neighbor'. The assumption, of course, is that his neighbor is also a het dood who possesses a woman. And women have been and to some degrees in various places still are the property of the man or the neighbor, the father or the husband. Het men can covet things that do not belong to het men, such as gay men. Het men can fuck gay men when pretend-drunk enough to claim they have no memory of it the next day. And men can lie about what we do, through our teeth, while our lips move. So, what about this matter of crying unrape? This is a form of bearing false witness. Men claim women bear false witness against men when calling a man a rapist, as if calling a man a rapist has ever had a socially status-giving effect on any woman. As if men don't have plenty of ugly names for women who dare to name the man who raped them, or their sister, daughter, mother, lover, or best friend. Women who speak truth about men who rape are called liars by men who wish to rape with impunity. Men rape in many ways. Sometimes they put their dicks in women's mouths. Men are obsessed with sticking things in women's mouths, among other places. And one of the things they most like to put in women's mouths is their own speech, men's speech. Pornographers script stoopid movies in which women are made to say what pimps believe about women. Feminists don't believe it. Men do. Men believe it when a woman in pornography says "hurt me; I like it", "rape me; that's what I'm for". Men believe this because they want to. Men believe this because it makes the dood's conscience lighter, when raping, to believe the raped woman wants it to happen, even against all evidence to the contrary. Or to believe she doesn't really matter. Or to believe she isn't human. Men believe many ridiculous things about women. And all of what men believe about men and about women is what other men say, write, and act out. Not feminists. Men's lies about what one feminist (or ten) has said (about men that is unpleasant) are regarded as factual and truthful statements. If a dood says "she said it about us", dood is always right. Supposedly. When an antifeminist guy states it as fact it is carved into stone and it sits there, with a foul odor of deceit and derision that even Fabreeze cannot hide. There are many websites that repeat the same quotes that are not actual or factual quotes. I'm going to give two quotes that men love passing around like an STD in a sexist slavery ring. A man named Zed is one of these lie-promoters. (The truth is always so inconvenient for these stoopid doods. For some of Zed's stoopidity, see [for the rest of this post, including links to what Zed said, see here]