EMERGE (Engendering Men: Evidence on Routes to Change for Gender Equality) - New document library

The EMERGE (Engendering Men: Evidence on Routes to Change for Gender Equality) project has published an online document library which gathers evidence and lessons to provide a stronger basis for improving policy, learning and practice. This resource provides salient, relevant literature published in recent years, including studies that have documented impacts on lives and relationships. These examine changes in men’s lives, as well as changes in women’s lives, and changes in the relations between women and men. The studies are organised by nine priority themes, providing key insights on:

  • Political, social and economic processes that can bring about sustainable long-term attitudinal and behavioural change towards gender equality among boys and men;
  • The interplay between such change and formal or informal policies and institutions;
  • The various roles that boys and men (can) play in influencing or enabling interventions aimed at girls and women;
  • Development interventions and approaches that effectively support long-term attitudinal and behaviour change, facilitating men’s and boys’ support for gender equality.

EMERGE is a two year project undertaken by Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University in partnership with Promundo and Sonke Gender Justice. The project’s aim is to review and analyse the evidence available globally in order to enable learning on what works best and to support stronger leadership for working with boys and men to promote gender equality. The Evidence Summary is available online and highlights the key findings from the literature review.

A forthcoming output is the Evidence Report Engendering Men: A collaborative review of evidence on men and boys in social change and gender equality. 

Access the evidence here: http://menandboys.ids.ac.uk