Stories of Resistance and Stories of Change: Engagingmen e-magazine

In celebration of International Women's Day, Engagingmen is pleased to share with you the second issue of the community e-magazine 'Stories of Resistance and Stories of Change' (…).

This series is designed as a forum for us to reflect on the innovations, successes and challenges we face in practice and to explore the various themes and theories that inform our work.

This second issue of our e-magazine offers inspiring stories about people who have stood up against unfair gender norms and communities that have evolved towards more equality and justice. In this issue we amplify stories written by those who may not be used to telling their stories. We hope these stories help us gain a better understanding of the change process and of the gender justice movement that is occurring, and that must grow.

To read the e-magazine, please visit:… .

We would like to thank all members who contributed their stories of resistance and stories of change and the editor of this edition, Raewyn Connell.