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Men and abortion: An XY collection

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This XY collection focuses on men and abortion: on the role that men can play in supporting women's reproductive health choices, on debates over abortion, and so on.

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77 percent of anti-abortion
Kimmel, Men for Women’s Choice, March 12 2012.pdf443.71 KB
Men for Women’s Choice Statement March 2012.pdf87.67 KB
Chicago men stand up for women’s reproductive freedom Feb 18 2016.pdf1.7 MB
Hauser, Why do conservatives let men off so easy in the great abortion debate 2015 clean.pdf114.04 KB
Kimmel, Why More Men Should Stand Up for a Woman’s Right to Abortion.pdf35.26 KB
Millstein, I'm Pro-Choice and I'm a Man Jan 24 2014.pdf112.66 KB