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Guns, violence, and masculinity: an XY collection

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What are the links between guns, violence, and masculinity? In the wake of yet another mass shooting in the USA, it is long past time to highlight how gun violence is structured in powerful ways by traditional, patriarchal masculinities. In this XY collection, we have brought together a range of commentaries on guns, violence, and masculinity. Further inclusions are most welcome.

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Johnson, And Now Las Vegas - Manhood, Guns, and Violence 2017.pdf50.98 KB
Masculinity Violence and Bandaid Solutions May 24 2014.pdf45.64 KB
Cockburn, World disarmament - Start by disarming masculinity April 30 2015.pdf1.18 MB
Page, Men masculinity and guns 2009.pdf1.21 MB
McLean, Responding to issues of guns 1997.pdf1.47 MB
Farr, Sexed Pistols excerpt.pdf187.68 KB
Murphy, But what about the men Dec 18 2012.pdf197.37 KB
Kimmel, Masculinity, mental illness and guns Dec 19 2012.pdf1.07 MB
Katz, Guns, mental illness and masculinity Jan 17 2011.pdf166.25 KB
Wilkinson, The role of firearms in violence 'scripts'.pdf2.84 MB
Bevan, Few options but the gun.pdf2.81 MB
Bassin, Why packing a pistol perpetuates patriarchy.pdf632.6 KB
Farr, Women, men and the struggle to disarm.pdf509.52 KB
BICC, Gender perspectives on small arms.pdf704.91 KB
Buchanan, Gender and gun viol ch..pdf241.98 KB
Bridges, Masculinity and Mass Shootings in the U.S 2015.pdf416.41 KB
Widmer, Hitting the target Men guns.pdf330.04 KB
Kimmel, A tale of two terrorists redux, July 2011.pdf682.01 KB
Bridges, The sociological explanation for why men in America turn to gun violence 2017.pdf170.96 KB