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People who tweet on men and violence prevention

Dear friends and colleagues,
Some of the antiviolence and profeminist activists you know best, and some you don't, are on Twitter. I am increasingly using Twitter to stay in touch with news, research, and activism. And I have also started tweeting myself. It occurred to me that people might value seeing a list of people who tweet regularly in this field. I have compiled a very preliminary list below. It includes individuals and organisations.

Critical Responses to Emma Watson speech to the UN

My colleague Kenton Bell compiled these two useful lists, one on 'Critical Responses to Emma Watson speech to the UN' and the other on 'Additional pop-cultural readings asking and answering the question: Can Men be Feminists?'.

Critical Responses to Emma Watson speech to the UN.
• “The Most Important Words in Emma Watson's Speech Were About Masculinity” by Nicki Cole
• “Emma Watson Speech Hardly a Game-changer” by Clementine Ford

At last: An online resource discusses frankly the effects of pornography on young people

Anyone who works with young people and is looking for a resource to tackle the vexed question of pornography and its often negative effects would find the ‘It’s time we talked’ website extremely useful.

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Welcome to the new XY

Welcome to XY. I'm thrilled to report that the redesign of the site finally is complete. We have rebuilt the site from the ground up. And we've made a series of changes. We have: